X Cerrar
Patricia Román
Professional model and businesswoman
“Energy, balance and sustainability,
my philosophy of life. Scandinavian spirit
with a Mediterranean flavor”

What is Miljø Store, and what does the Mediterranean flavor mean to you? Miljø Store is my philosophy of life embodied in a project, my niche cosmetic online store, natural and organic, where the products that I sell have been exhaustively selected and tested by me. I knew that by sharing the same vision that Scandinavians have about beauty and general health, success over the quality of high cosmetics was assured. That's why I decided to name "Miljø" to the store that means Danish environment and give it an island touch since I'm from Mallorca with the phrase "Mediterranean flavor" to reflect where I come from. For me, the Mediterranean flavor means maintaining the essence, the "slow living", appreciating and caring for the wonderful environment that surrounds us.

What is your philosophy of life? My philosophy of life is to lead a conscious lifestyle in every way. From taking consciousness in food and breathing as basic needs, to reasoning the decisions made to reach self-realization. We live in a world that goes too fast and sometimes it is necessary to stop to find a balance and the "slow life" is what best defines it. Take care of health; our planet and be humble with people to be able to see themselves beautiful inside and out.

Do you believe in the Be, Here, Now? Totally. Planning too much sometimes brings the opposite effect. I'm learning to let myself go, although it's hard for me to have a demanding and perfectionist profile, but thanks to my coach I'm getting it. On the other hand, professionally speaking I am a little chameleonic since I have an eye on the present and another in the future, so I can anticipate myself and adapt to new changes and respond to the adversities that may arise.

Let's talk about the Jisco collection: what do you like most about our glasses? What I like most about the Jisco collection is the great variety of designs. Each goggle adapts to any type of profile and personality, thus being able to change glasses as well as the look of clothes that will be worn every day ... Some make you more interesting, others younger ... just what many people need !.

Your favorite place in the world is ... Formentera, of course Balearic island for its Mediterranean waters.

A dream to fulfill ... be a mother, when the time comes.