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Supporting Save the Med Foundation

Jisco will donate 5% of the sales of the ECO-TITANIUM CAPSULE collection to the SAVE THE MED foundation for its MED TOP PELAGIC EXPEDITIONS Project.

Tagging ‘animal oceanographers’ for efficient monitoring and management of off shore marine protected areas
MED TOP Pelagic Expeditions Project

By applying the concept of ‘Animal Oceanographers’ and using satellite tracking of emblematic species such as Sea turtles, Giant Devil Rays, whales and sharks, we study open seas ecosystems to provide a scientific foundation for the conservation of marine biodiversity and efficient management of off shore Marine Protected Areas with the National Park of Cabrera as the working area.

Data from satellite telemetry used to track and study the ecology and habitat use of marine megafauna is directly received and modelled by Integrated Ocean Observation Services (IOOS) of NOAA and SOCIB, providing a unique biological dimension to the data in IOOS acquired from satellites, gliders, buoys and lagrangian platforms. This in turn allows for the development of technological measures to mitigate risks to vulnerable species, for example risk of bycatch, vessel strikes, noise pollution, marine litter and ghost fishing.

In 2019, 140 campaign days were covered that covered 2,260 nautical miles. 61 volunteers as members of the crew joined the team and contributed their time, their skills and a donation for a work season of much success. Four satellite transmitters were placed in juvenile loggerhead turtles and have sent more than 400,000 high quality data transmissions that have been integrated into the NOAA system and ICTS SOCIB IOOS.

To see where they've been traveling the turtles
Supporting Save the Med Foundation

whose mission is the regeneration of the Mediterranean Sea and that works for the reduction of single-use plastic pollution and the creation of marine protected areas.


We have designed
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For each cleaning towel
sold Jisco will make
a contribution to the
SAVE THE MED foundation
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